The Waifu Sex Simulator: VR Anime and Hentai Porn


Looking for a VR sex simulator that offers interactive scenes?

A standalone VR sex sim game, the Waifu Sex Simulator has been created to allow users to experience intimate and interactive scenes with over 1,000 anime and hentai characters. The software has been developed to let you experiment with the popular existing software, MocuMocuDance.

In this review, we take a look at the Waifu Sex Simulator and find out what the software does, where to download it and what it costs to use.

What is the Waifu Sex Simulator?

The Waifu Sex Simulator is a new project whose development was funded by the Patreon Crowdfunding site. Created by ‘LewdFraggy’ and made using the MocuMocuDance software (v0.91 by SenooYudai), this simulator game offers VR hentai sex and dance scenes.

waifu sex simulator hentai vr porn

With more than 1,000 models designed and created from famous anime TV shows and games, the simulator has been developed to work with popular VR headsets including the HTC Vive and Oculus Rift as well as Android and iPhone.

The action on the Waifu Sex Simulator is via more than 300 independent animations so you can adapt the scenes and get a more immersive experience. This is extended to offer enhanced encounters with the use of Leap Motion so you can even use your hands to interact with, and physically ‘touch’, the models. The development of the software to include VR motion controllers is an innovative one and really gives the simulator an added touch of realism.

Using Waifu Sex Simulator

You can download the Waifu Sex Simulator from the VR Porn website in a variety of formats and use the developers notes to help you with the set up.

Once you launch the game and don your headset you will find yourself in an empty, desert like space.

To start the game, you will need to load one of the 1000 models, add a scene and then load the animations that you want to experience. This is all done via the in-game menus.

Once loaded, your virtual model will interact with you using one of the 300+ independent animations which include having her dance for you, look at you, watch you or strip for you.

Of course, the best parts of the game are the sex animations and you can experiment as much as you like within the software. Switch up the models so you can have interactive sex with as many girls as you can handle in as many ways as you want.

There is quite wide variety of positions and actions available to choose from already including the standard Kama Sutra moves including cowgirl, doggy and missionary as well as plenty of variety such as hand jobs, tit jobs and oral.

waifu sex sim vr anime

Being developed in MocuMocuDance, you can also expect these models to throw some shapes for you if you want a bit of tempting and teasing.

The moves are all pre-loaded and interactions are limited but there is plenty of scope here for further development.

As for a story line…there isn’t one really and the simulator is more about offering users the chance to have VR sex with animated and hentai characters.

Waifu Sex Simulator: Technical Specifications

The Waifu Sex Simulator is currently available to download for desktop (non-VR version), iPhone (Ivry), Android (Rift Cat), HTC VIVE and Oculus Rift.

Minimum requirements for your PC are:

  • Windows 7 32/64bit
  • 4GB of system memory
  • Dual core 3ghz CPU
  • 512MB ram on the graphics card Dx10 compatible.
  • DirectX 9.0 or newer.
  • 35 GB of Hard Disk Space
  • Microsoft Visual C++ Redistributable Packages for Visual Studio 2013 x86 or 32bit.

Please note that the Waifu Sex Simulator uses the MocuMocuDance software (v0.91 by SenooYudai),

What Does Playing Waifu Sex Simulator Cost?

Downloading, using and playing the Waifu Sex Simulator costs absolutely nothing and you can pick up a free copy of the game using the VR Porn website.

However, the game is very much still in development and the creator is seeking active support on the crowdfunding website, Patreon. Supporters can get early access to new updates, patches and fixes as well as technical support. The money raised through this kind of support goes to help keep the game up to date as well as develop new interactions, models and upgrades.

You can also support LewdFraggy on StreamTip.

hentai vr waifu sex sim vr anime

Waifu Sex Simulator: We say…

There is no doubt in our minds that the Waifu Sex Simulator is a well-developed VR game already but there is definitely more mileage in the tank for this creation. There has already been several major updates and the creator regularly provides new patches, fixes and upgrades to show he is serious about the future of this game.

What we love about the game most is the fact that it is free and provides a truly experimental playground to test out the limits of your VR headset. The range of anime models and scenes available is impressive and the game is regularly updated.

Whilst the game itself is highly addictive and offers plenty of fun hours whilst you experiment with the models and test out the actions, it is the future of this game that we are excited about. With the introduction of Leap Motion and more interaction, the gameplay is extended yet further.

However, the developer needs to look at some basics before the Waifu Sex Simulator can really hit the mainstream. The first of these is of course the ease of set-up and although you can get started with the game quite quickly, you do need to read-through a lot of files in order to get the most out of the game.

The other major downside from a play-ability perspective is the fact that this sex sim doesn’t have any story line. Whilst this might be appealing for some it does limit the game’s enjoyment long term. In fact, you could be hard-pushed to even call it a game as there is no development, no progression, no rewards and, ultimately, no point.

The bottom line is that if you are looking for a sex sim VR experience that is interactive without paying a penny then the Waifu Sex Simulator is a good place to start…..only if you are looking for simplistic (but impressive) play-ability.

Having said this, we have bookmarked the development pages of the software and will wait to see how this one plays out.

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