Swinging During a Pandemic: How Will The Community Respond?


Want to know how COVID-19 is affecting the sex-lives of libertine lifestylers?

We are all well too aware of the impact that the coronavirus is having on our daily lives. Whether you’re in the United States, Europe or Asia, more than a quarter of the world’s population are now living under some form of government imposed social distancing or lockdown measures. Whilst these steps are necessary to try and slow down the rate of infection in order to protect the vulnerable and allow our health services the time to cope with the ill, we’ve got to face facts; lockdowns are dull for the swinging community. Yep, social distancing might be important for our health but it aint doing much for our sex lives!

In this feature, we take a look at how the swinging community is coping with enforced lockdowns and limited socializing opportunities. We’ll consider some options that can offer a safe, but satisfying, alternative for the short-term and we’ll find out more about what clubs and groups are doing to boost the spirits of their members during these worrying global developments.

Swinging and the Coronavirus

The global outbreak of COVID-19 is unprecedented in living memory and is naturally causing a great deal of anxiety and concern for many people. Governments are taking extreme measures to try to slow down the spread of the virus in an attempt to preserve the limited resources of their health care providers. In the short term, and for the people of many nations, this has meant significant impingements on our lives. From those European countries currently in full lockdown where leaving your home is restricted to essential trips for food and medicine only to shielding and social distancing measures meaning we can’t be closer than 2m to someone outside of our household.

swinging during a pandemic coronavirus

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These steps may well be reasonable in order to protect the more vulnerable members of our society but they will prove pretty tough to live under as time goes by.

Swingers know the importance of these measures as much as the next person and in their line of hobby there is no getting around the need for distance, unless you want to see swingers wearing full hazmat suits!

All across North America, Europe and beyond sex parties, orgies and dogging meetings (outdoor sex with strangers and voyeurs) have been cancelled, postponed and abandoned.

The result is a large community of horny sex club members who are now left without partners to play with. Sure, those who are already in a couple can still have sex with each other but outside of their relationship, the advice is clear. It’s not to safe to be within 2m of anyone you don’t live with or else you are at risk of contracting or passing on the coronavirus.

swinging during a pandemic coronavirus advice

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So, what can swingers do to get their fix of sexy fun? How can single males and females continue living the libertine life? Are there any alternatives to sex parties that don’t carry a risk of infection?

Well, we’ve come up with some suggestions that could help you ride out your lockdown with some substitute swinging ideas.

Swinging Substitutes for Those Who Are Social Distancing

The digital age comes with many pros and cons but access to the internet is never so important than when it comes to connecting people and, in this current climate of isolation, the world wide web is offering an essential lifeline to people from all walks of life, including swingers.

The fact that the world is under threat and a significant percentage of the global population are now under strict lockdown measures doesn’t stop people from feeling horny. Don’t believe us? Take a look at the latest set of traffic figures from the adult video giants, Pornhub:

swinging during a pandemic increase in porn viewing trends

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The company has seen a huge increase in visitors to its site since the end of February with figures up by 18.5% by 24th March 2020 (when compared to an average day). In other parts of Europe, such as Italy, traffic increased by as much as 57% during the first few weeks of the country’s lockdown.

Some of this can, no doubt, be attributed to the fact that the company has offered the world’s porn fans a one-month free subscription to their premium service as a way to encourage people to stay at home!

The point of this is to demonstrate that sex (or, porn) is available widely online and there is a global increase in interest. So, how can the internet help the swinging community under lockdown?

Live Cam Sites

Just like the porn sites, the live camming industry is seeing a surge in traffic following the lockdowns across the world with more and more models broadcasting from the safety of their homes to eager audiences.

If you’ve never used this kind of service before then, in a nutshell, let us explain.

Most sites offer free chat with amateur models who stream themselves live. Women (and men…even couples) are often semi-nude or naked and behave provocatively in order to incite viewers to tip them money.

In a group chat setting, the models will often set a target for tips and if this is reached then they will do something specific. Alternatively, many will also have a ‘menu’ to choose from which can include remotely controlling their interactive sex toys.

best cam sites for self isolation

It’s really the private cam chats which should appeal to swingers the most and there are many couples who broadcast together. You will pay for the privilege but having a couple (or individual) at your disposal should help stave off some boredom during the lockdown.

You can find some of the best cam sites to enjoy during self isolation here.

Telephone Sex

Going a bit ‘old skool’ now but phone sex is still a thing and there are a lot of adult chat lines that operate in North America as well as from other international locations. The beauty of these services is that callers are transferred to people who work independently and who often talk to customers from the comfort of their own homes; no breaking any rules on lockdown!

Once connected to a sex chat operator then the rest is up to you.

Of course, if you are not self-isolating with your partner and you are separated in these unusual times of social distancing then phone sex is definitely an excellent way to focus your libido.

Likewise, sexting with a partner, fuck buddy or even a stranger you meet through the swinging community itself (see below) is also a good way to blow off some steam.

Swinging Community Forums

Staying in touch with members of your own swinging club might be easy to do if you have contact details for people in your local community. You may find by contacting your regular club that the organizers already have a member’s forum which you can join.

There are also some national and international swingers’ websites where you can connect with other lifestylers to chat with, including:

swinging during a pandemic swingers forums kasidie

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We are aware that some individuals and couples are using these platforms to arrange virtual swinging sessions over webcam with other members. There is the possibility that some people are still trying to arrange hook-ups with swingers in their area and you are reminded to observe the social distancing guidance in your region to determine is this is safe to do. Certainly, if you are displaying any of the symptoms of COVID-19 which include (but are not limited to) a persistent cough and/or fever then you should be self-isolating for a minimum period of seven days.

Sex It Up Together

If you are lucky (?) enough to live with your partner then, of course, you do have access to a sex life beyond masturbation. The lockdown could be a fantastic opportunity to experiment with all different kinds of sexual roleplay and embrace some fantasies together.

If you need some help and/or want to make this a lot more fun then there are some great sex apps for couples available for your smartphone. These tools can help inject some extra kinky ideas and turn this time you spend together into something very pleasurable indeed.

Fly Solo

And finally, if you aren’t able to physically connect with another person and the suggestions above aren’t doing it for you then you’re left with one option….play with yourself.

Masturbation for many of us is a familiar way to ‘itch a scratch’ and can often become a mechanical means to an end. Maybe this lockdown could present an opportunity to discover some new ways to please yourself. You never know, you could be surprised by what you find out.

swinging during a pandemic masturbation

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Sexual therapists suggest taking some time to rediscover each part of your body by using different kinds of touch and exploring new places and positions in which to masturbate. There is also some good evidence to suggest that switching from the typical erogenous zones to those lesser explored ones can also invigorate your arousal.

The technique known as ‘edging’ is also a good way to explore the limits of your orgasms. By stopping yourself close to the edge of climax and building back up again, you can improve your own stamina and work on how to delay the inevitable release.

Advice on Coping with Lockdown

It’s important not to let the enormity of the current pandemic get you down and even though our social liberties (in many parts of the world) are being impacted by COVID-19, there are lots of ways to maintain a healthy mental state.

If sex, and swinging, is an important part of your life then you shouldn’t feel guilty about feeling horny. Subsistence is a basic human need but so too are significance, purpose, esteem, connection and love.

Sex has a differing level of importance for everyone but remains a key factor for many people, whether they want to admit it or not. Don’t deny yourself pleasure just because the world is in crisis. In fact, we should probably all be trying to have a bit more sex during the pandemic not least of all because doing so releases oxytocin (the feel-good hormone) and endorphins which can help lower our stress levels.

swinging during a pandemic sex

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Which brings us on the first piece of advice for coping with isolation, either alone or with your close family members, and that is to manage our stress. It’s normal to be anxious with so much doom and gloom on the current situation but it’s healthy to take a break from news sources and social media platforms. Distract yourself by doing something you enjoy and this doesn’t have to be sex related but anxiety does diminish your libido!

Play some uplifting music, have a dance around the house, take some exercise or mediate; whatever it is that you do to unwind you should ensure you make time for in your new schedule.

It’s also important to find some space, within our environment, where we can be alone. Not always to do if you are sharing your home with family and/or a partner but being able to decompress and clear your mind is a good way to reset.

We leave you with the thought that there is always a rainbow after the rain and when the threat of coronavirus finally subsides the re-opening parties that will be held at swinging clubs across the world will truly be something to behold.

Stay safe.

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