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Looking for somewhere to buy and sell used underwear?

Sofia Gray was founded by a group of young entrepreneurs who recognised the demand from buyers for somewhere, not just to buy but, to be a part of a community of underwear fetishists. The result is a slick website where sellers from across the world can tempt their followers into purchasing used panties, briefs and lingerie. A members-only platform, Sofia Gray assures complete anonymity and is fast becoming THE marketplace for used underwear.

In this feature, we take a closer look at the largest and most popular online platform for buying and selling used underwear. We find out how to get started making money selling panties and what buyers can expect from this service.

Make Money Selling Used Underwear

Yes, it’s true. There is money to be made from your old panties, thongs and briefs. Those rumors we’ve all heard about are not just urban legends. There are some people who want to buy underwear that has been ‘pre-loved’. Hey, we live by the laws of YKINMYBYKIOK here at Fetish Engine and if there is a demand for old panties and money to be made then Sofia Gray is definitely OK by us.

buy and sell used underwear sofia gray

Sofia Gray…like eBay but for used panties and briefs. Image via Sofia Gray.

So, what kind of money can you make by selling your used underwear, how does it work and what kind of items are we talking about?

Is There A Market For Used Underwear?

In a word, yes.

Originally set up as a way to cater for a small fetish circle with the exchange of used underwear, Sofia Gray has grown to become perhaps the largest service of its kind in the Western world. The practice has been popular in Asia for some time and those reports of vending machines that sell panties worn by a selection of women (and men) are in fact a reality.

In Japan, specialist stores known as burusera shops specifically cater for this paraphilia and sell a range of panties and associated items including school uniforms, sailor suits, sanitary napkins and saliva.

Whilst Japan may have easy access to used underwear, the rest of the world must rely on internet marketplaces and Sofia Gray was set up for this very purpose.

The site is currently racking up around 75,000 visitors each month and is most popular in the U.S.A., Canada and U.K. Some other European sites are also getting involved including buyers from Italy and Germany and sellers from countries like Latvia and Ukraine.

According to Sofia Gray, each seller on their platform sells an average of 8 items of underwear each month. With prices typically being around $20-$50 per pair, this means that the average seller can be making up to $400 a month by offloading their old panties.

However, there are some people who put a lot of thought and effort into their store fronts and may already have a following on other adult platforms and cam sites and can command higher prices for their used underwear. However, simply by using better quality pictures and descriptions, most sellers can increase their sales and unit cost with some careful thought. Some lingerie sets are selling for hundreds, sometimes thousands, of dollars.

buying and selling used underwear with sofia gray

Image via Sofia Gray.

What Kind of Underwear Can You Buy and Sell?

All kinds of underwear are being bought and sold on Sofia Gray from bikinis and boy shorts to briefs, thongs and panties; full lingerie sets to individual items including bras and corsets.

Of course, it’s not only women who are selling their underwear; Sofia Gray is also a platform for men to sell their junk trunks on, too. Buyers are interested in boxers, jockstraps, briefs and shorts.

All items are considered and sellers simply have to categorize their products using the following:

  • Underwear Size (XS to XL+)
  • Color of Underwear
  • Type of Underwear
  • Age of Seller (Over 18s only)
  • Ethnicity of Seller
  • Scent of Underwear
    • Everyday wear
    • Masturbation
    • Sex
    • Urine
    • Workout
    • Other
  • Time Worn (0-8+ Days)

Once the item has been classified, it is up to the seller to take and post a picture of the item. This is typically a lower torso shot with no faces and features the seller wearing the underwear.

Lastly, the highest rated sellers will add further information about themselves in their bio as well as adding some extra descriptive text about their products.

buying used underwear with sofia gray

Browse a huge range of used panties, thongs and jockstraps. Image via Sofia Gray.

Selling Used Underwear With Sofia Gray

Getting started on Sofia Gray to sell your used panties, lingerie and briefs is really easy and is pretty low-cost considering the kind of profit you could be making.

The first step is to register an account with an email address and password and then you can move on to setting up your store front. To do this, you will need to add information on:

  • Store name
  • Your gender
  • Your ethnicity
  • Your age
  • Underwear size

Then, you will need to select which type of seller’s account you want to sign up for. Prices vary depending on which one you choose with the three most common packages being:

  • One Month – $9.99/month
  • Four Months – $3.99/month
  • Twelve Months – $39.99/year

Your membership package allows you to sell unlimited products with zero commission and are set to renew automatically.

As soon as your payment has gone through, you can start listing your products using the predefined categories and filters.

selling used underwear with sofia gray

Image via Sofia Gray.

It is worth pointing out that the top sellers on Sofia Gray make more sales because they:

  • Use high-quality images of their used underwear
  • Add plenty of detail about the ‘adventures’ they have had in their products
  • Build a loyal following by responding to buyer inquiries
  • Make their shop front unique and memorable
  • Upload more than 5 gallery pictures
  • Share links to their store front with other communities

Once your products are listed, you can sit back and wait for the inquiries to roll in. Once you get an interested party, it is up to you to respond promptly to your buyer and make arrangements to fulfill their order and/or custom request.

Sellers are responsible for transacting payments with their buyer and for arranging delivery of the items in question.

How Much Money Can You Make Selling Used Underwear?

As for what kind of money you can make from selling your used underwear online with Sofia Gray….the sky’s the limit with some sellers claiming to be earning thousands each month with one seller offloading a single pair of panties for $5,000!

The key, it seems, is to build a regular clientele and to be thorough and prompt with communication.

According to Sofia Gray, 95% of their sellers get their initial (4-month) subscription back with their first sale.

Buying Used Underwear With Sofia Gray

All buyers must register an account online in order to be able to:

  • View gallery images of sellers
  • Contact sellers direct
  • Purchase underwear from the marketplace
  • Make special request or custom orders

All of these features come at a price and it is up to the buyer to purchase a membership package in order to shop with Sofia Gray.

Prices are billed in local currency and are currently $0.99 for a 30-day subscription.

As soon as you have paid your membership, you can browse the full galleries for all sellers and select a product that you want to purchase.

The site has a good range of filters to help you find what you are looking for including the seller’s location; buying local helps keep delivery costs down. However, you can find sellers from across the world including Australia, North America, Europe and South/Central America.

In order to buy used underwear, you must contact a seller and arrange payment and delivery with them directly.

A lot of the sellers on Sofia Gray can provide custom orders so if you want something specific or any additional items, just ask. There will usually be an additional cost but most sellers will be only too happy to oblige.

Sofia Gray: We Say…

There have been places to buy and sell used underwear on the internet for some time; after all, the world wide web is perfect for these kinds of transaction. However, there hasn’t yet been a single platform that offers such an international service that is both well-designed and easy to use.

Sofia Gray is the largest and most popular site of its kind and is already providing a trusted and unique service for thousands of buyers and sellers. And their subscription structure is really affordable too. Most sellers could offset the annual fee of $40 in a single sale and buyers are only charged a nominal fee to register for the service.

What we like about the site is the way it can build networks by connecting buyers and sellers directly. By offering direct communication between the parties, it fosters that important factor when it comes to buying used underwear; a sense of connection and intimacy. For most aficionados of this kind of product, knowing the source and provenance of the items being sold is half the appeal.

We also like the fact that the site is not just for the ladies and that guys are also catered for. The demand may not be as high as for female lingerie but there are still plenty of opportunities out there for fellas too.

The site is clean, fast and secure and it’s really easy to find items that suit your tastes using the different filters and search tools.

Our one complaint is the lack of a central payment processing service. Buyers and sellers must agree on how to transact their business and many will probably opt for a digital service like PayPal or even Bitcoin. However, this does mean that if there are any disputes then Sofia Gray don’t get involved and the two parties must work them out or engage arbitration via their chosen payment service. With such a sensitive product being bought and sold, this could be a bit of a worry for some people, particularly if they are buying high-value items.

For this reason, we would like to see the site incorporate some form of central payment service that maybe uses an Escrow function to release funds when a product is safely received, as described. In this way, customers could also see a feedback rating from other satisfied clients. A bit like the trust ratings that you can build on other online marketplaces like eBay, for instance.

Other than this minor bugbear, we think that Sofia Gray offers an excellent niche platform that will appeal to any fans of this kind of fetish.

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