The Journey! Conference 2019: What to Expect


Looking for a fetish event that is educational as well as a lot of kinky fun?

Fostering unity and inclusivity among people of color (and their allies) within the kink community and alternative lifestyle subcultures, The Journey! Conference is an opportunity to celebrate and to educate. Held during the summer of 2019 at a private location in Atlanta, Georgia the four-day event is open to all and will include plenty of fetish and kink themed classes and workshops. There will also be plenty of play zones and after-parties.

In this review, we take a closer look at what to expect from the annual The Journey! Conference 2019.

What is The Journey! Conference?

Also known as TJC 2019, The Journey! Conference 2019 is an annual event that focuses on promoting ethnic diversity within the kink community. The conference aims to address the educational needs of all people of color (POC) whether it be Black, Indigenous, Asian or Latina.

The four-day conference is an opportunity to meet with other members of the fetish and BDSM community and features workshops, play zones and a large selection of retail opportunities.

Despite being an event aimed at people of color (POC), The Journey! Conference is open to anyone with an interest in the BDSM, fetish or leather lifestyle. This means that men, women and non-binary persons of all colors and sexual orientation are welcome to attend.

What’s on at The Journey! Conference?

The conference is being held at a venue in Georgia and the events will take place over 12,000 sq. ft of play space, classrooms with a spacious marketplace.

The Journey Conference 2019 keynote speakers

Keynote speakers at TJC2019. Image via website.

There are also several areas that will be transformed to provide additional fetish-themed spaces, including:

  • Littles Room
  • Puppy/Critter Mosh
  • Leather Library
  • Meditation Room

In total there are three separate play rooms available, one for general play and one each specifically for men and women. Opening each day at 9.30pm and closing at 6.00am, they provide a safe and kinky environment for seven hours of play.

There will also be four interactive plays performed at the Kinky Theater where actors will take their audience on an secret and erotic adventure.

Workshops will be held in the classrooms and will cover a diverse range of topics, including:

  • Mummification
  • The Science of BDSM
  • Kinky Feminism
  • Primal Play
  • Consent, Contracts and Negotiation
  • Co-Topping
  • Kinky Trans Men
  • Impact play

The marketplace will offer plenty of retail opportunities for some kinky toys, health and lifestyle products.

Directors & Presenter’s Meet & Greet

On Thursday night, there is a socializing and networking event where the TJC organizers and keynote speakers will meet with the delegates.

The Journey Conference 2019 events

Meet the organizers and keynote speakers at TJC 2019. Image via website.

Carnival Theme Dinner & Party

On Friday night, there will be a Caribbean Carnival themed dinner party which will be followed by a Kinky Reggae Masquerade Party. Guests are asked to dress in colorful costumes complete with masks and/or hoods.

Hedonism Theme Dinner & Party

The entertainment on Saturday is another dinner party which will be themed by the phrase ‘A Hedonistic Affair’. A decadent evening of an open buffet and then a sensual evening of darkness as the lights go down in a kinky black out, this will be the highlight of the weekend’s play time.

High Protocol Fetish Fantasy Banquet & Ball

For a limited number of guests (tickets currently for 100 people only), there will also be a formal “Kinky Black Tie” banquet and ball.

Those guests who manage to secure tickets to this fetish and fantasy affair will receive their ‘Secret’ instructions prior to arrival.

Award & Closing Ceremony Breakfast

On Sunday morning to close the conference, guests can attend an awards ceremony over breakfast where members of the POC kink community will receive recognition for their contributions. Delegates can also be nominated for several awards including the Most Creative Carnival Costumes, the Most Provocative Carnival Costumes and several other surprise awards.

people of color bdsm the journey conference 2019

TJC2019 will have plenty of play spaces available. Image via Pixabay.

When is The Journey! Conference?

TJC 2019 will be held over the weekend of Thursday 8th August 2019 to Sunday 11th August 2019.

You can find full details of the schedule of events for each day via the website but check in starts from 1.00pm on Thursday and the closing breakfast Awards Ceremony from 8.00am to 11.00am on Sunday.

How Much Are Tickets to The Journey! Conference?

There are four main packaged prices for tickets for the weekend, each offering slightly different benefits:

  • Southern Comfort I – $225
  • Southern Comfort II – $275
  • Southern Comfort III – $325
  • Southern Comfort IV – $375

All Conference packages come with a branded TJC2019:

  • T-Shirt
  • Baseball Cap
  • Run Pin
  • Pen
  • Notebook
  • Program Book
  • Swag Bag.

All conference package holders get full access to the opening and closing ceremony, all 30 workshops and play spaces plus the following parties:

Package I Package II Package III Package IV
Directors Meet N Greet Yes Yes Yes Yes
Fantasy Theater No Yes Yes Yes
Carnival Dinner Party No No Yes Yes
Hedonism Dinner Party No No No Yes
Meals No No Yes Yes

You will need to pay for your accommodation in addition to the cost of the conference. However, if all rooms are sold out then you will receive a $75 rebate against the cost of your conference ticket and accommodation.

Lastly, there is an ‘Southern Comfort A La Carte’ option which is priced at $90 but does not give you access to any of the parties, workshops or play spaces. Instead, you can pick and choose from the events on offer and pay separately for these. This is an ideal option for anyone who can’t attend the full conference and just wants to drop in for a specific seminar or party.

people of color bondage the journey conference 2019

Under-represented in mainstream media, TJC2019 is about unity for people of color in the alternative lifestyle subculture. Image via Porn Tube.

Where is The Journey! Conference?

TJC will be hosted at a Hilton-brand hotel in Atlanta, Georgia. The exact details are only divulged to those people who have purchased conference tickets. However, the hosting venue does have the following facilities for guests staying at the hotel:

  • Complimentary shuttle service within a 5-mile radius
  • On site restaurant and bar with happy hour
  • Heated outdoor swimming pool heated
  • Fitness center with state-of-the-art cardio equipment as well as free weights

Rooms cost $129 per night and, if you are a Hilton Honors member, you can earn loyalty points from your stay. Remember, if the conference sells out its allocation of rooms then you can get a partial refund on your ticket price.

More Information on The Journey! Conference

There are a few things to bear in mind if you are intending to visit the TJC 2019, a summary of which is given below:

  • Dress Code – With the exception of the play spaces and parties, delegates must agree to arrive at the events in clothing that is suitable for a public space. You are not allowed to use the facilities in the hotel dressed in kink gear….this includes any communal area such as the lobby, swimming pool and restaurant.
  • Cell Phones – No cell phones are allowed in the play spaces whatsoever and these devices must be turned off when in classes and workshops.
  • Photo Permission – Delegates will be provided with a color coded wrist band on arrival indicating whether or not they provide permission for their photos to be taken by official event photographers.

You can find further details about The Journey! Conference via their website. Alternatively, you can get in contact directly with the organizers via this form.


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