Foot Fetish Escorts: A Complete Guide


We know that when you’ve got a fetish it can be a difficult itch to scratch which is why many people turn to escorts. Foot fetishists are no different and requests relating to the lower extremities are very common in the ‘game’.

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Types of Foot Fetish

So, when we use the term ‘Foot Fetish’, what do we mean?

Let’s be clear, we are talking about a whole range of activities here and if we know what we are all talking about then you can be sure that the advice we are giving you covers your tastes. And we know our fetishes (you can find a full list of them in our Complete Fetish Guide).

A paraphilia where the focus is centred on one or both feet, foot fetishism can extend to include all elements of this part of the body; from toes to heel even ankles and arches can be a turn on. Some people find the naked foot arousing whilst others prefer some form of adornment such as toe jewellery, nail polish or the way feet appear in high heels, hosiery or sandals. Some people get off on the look alone whilst others need to touch or be touched by feet. It is even possible to be aroused by the smell or taste of feet.

Sexual gratification can be received by acts like foot massage, washing or painting toenails to rubbing of the genitals with feet, sucking toes and even foot binding.

find a foot fetish escort

Whatever your reason for loving feet, there is an escort waiting to serve you. Image via Flickr.

Interaction can be gentle and sensuous or be sadistic and cruel but whatever your pleasures (or pains) when it comes to feet, rest assured there is someone out there who can fulfil your needs; and it might just be a lot easier than you think.


Whilst finding an independent escort who can accommodate foot fetishists is possible, it can be easier to find an agent to match you to the right girl in advance. Agencies are used to receiving all manner of requests from clients so don’t feel embarrassed about asking in advance for someone (or something) specific. Guaranteed, they’ve heard it all before and foot fetishes are actually one of the more popular requests that agencies receive.


Specialist agencies like Bunnies can provide tailor made services. Image via Bunnies Las Vegas.

Some agencies specialize in providing a foot fetish experience, including ‘Bunnies of Las Vegas’. Offering a range of services to satisfy clients with a liking for feet, Bunnies can provide escorts for:

  • Shoe Shopping
  • Shoe Modelling
  • Barefoot Arrivals
  • Public Stimulation
  • Foot Worship
  • Massage
  • Smelly Feet
  • Super-size Feet

You can find foot fetish escorts working across the USA and internationally using the usual search methods but filtering on keywords like ‘foot fetish’.

Here are some specific sites we found that had a good range and coverage.

Skip The Games

With a specific Domination & Fetish section, Skip The Games offers a comprehensive database for finding an escort in your area who can provide specific foot services. Use keywords and filters to find one near to you. The service is free to use and usually brings up some good results.

skip the games foot fetish

Skip The Games…Get Satisfaction. Image via Skip The Games (Los Angeles).

Massage Republic

This escorts database offers the ability to search using keywords and we’ve found a few dozen women in each of the major US cities who provide foot fetish services. Free and easy to use, you can find a good assortment of women available.

Arranging an Escort

The important thing to remember when booking any escort for fetish services is to outline your expectations in advance and agree on the price for services. An agreed code of conduct and plan for the meeting will help your escort to satisfy your needs.

Massage Parlours

Again, a lot of masseurs have experience of clients asking to have attention paid to their feet so if you are someone who enjoys your own feet being manipulated then this is a good option. Likewise, some masseurs will happily provide massage using their feet. In fact, some parlors specialize in it.

fetish feet rub escorts

Discover the pleasure of massage with specialist feet rubs or Ashiatsu. Image via Flickr.

Known as Ashiatsu, the technique is a form of deep tissue massage and involves a therapist treating the back with their feet. Often using an overhead rail to maintain balance, masseurs are generally light but are trained to work the back with their feet to maximum effect. Though the back is the primary treatment zone, other areas are worked including your feet but principally the therapist uses their own feet to deliver the pressure.

Specialist Spa Bordellos

There are plenty of specialist venues which offer services for people with foot fetishes. Often run as spas, you might need to travel to find one but they do exist if you want to take a city break to explore one.

A simple Google search for your area on ‘foot fetish spa’ should return you with some useful results.

foot fetish spa

Get creative with your searches to find all manner of ways to satisfy your fetish. Image via Facebook.

Classified Ads


The mantra with advertising in classifieds is that if you don’t ask, you don’t get; plus, you can be very specific about what you want, where you want it and how the exchange is going to work. With any luck, you will end up with a good choice of escorts who can provide the services you need and working your way through them will be your reward.

Many classified sites are free to use and there is always an element of caution that we would recommend exercising when meeting people you’ve made contact with through these sites. Without any membership or verification process, respondents to an advert could be anyone so be careful.

When placing an ad, it’s best not to be specific about the fact you are looking to pay for sex (yes, we know that your fetish may not involve intercourse). Depending on the location you are advertising from can mean your search for a foot fetish escort could fall into a murky grey area of the law. Be specific about what your needs are but don’t mention payment. If you really feel that you need to make this explicit in your ad, then use code and be discreet. Useful code for online advertising where payment is to be expected includes using ‘roses’ instead of dollars (or other currency) as well as the terms ‘doe’, ‘sugar’, ‘tips’ and ‘help’ – all can be used in place of money.

Best Places to Search

Instead of setting up your own advert, you can search existing sites to see if there are any escorts that will cater for your needs. Depending upon which country or region you are located in will depend on what sites will suit your location but all of these have good international coverage. You may need to switch between W4M, escorts, other and even casual encounters categories to really dig into what’s available. However, most of these pages let you search by keyword.

When arranging a meet up, it’s obviously important to get a good idea of whether the escort has what you want. Ask her to send a photo of her feet (even if she has already sent you some) including a handwritten sign with the date and some code word on it; this way, you can be sure that the person you are emailing or texting has the genuine ‘goods’.

Another good way to research whether a potential escort or meet-up is genuine is to put their contact number into Google. Often this can bring up other sites with the details of different girls and could alert you to scams, stings or other problems with the ad.


Locanto has a ‘Fetish Encounters’ section in most countries which should offer a good choice of ads to choose from. Again, use the keywords ‘foot’ and ‘fetish’ to search the personals.


The Cracker website has several categories which may help you in your search including a specific ‘Escorts’ section as well as BDSM and Massage.

Private Parties

Why not take the leap into the world of foot fetishism and find a local group who meet regularly for foot parties? You could try DominionSM who operate out of L.A. as well as Elegant Bare Feet.  A Google search will bring up plenty of results for local events but rest assured that all the major cities have them running regularly.

foot party feet fetish

Foot worship and more at a feet party, Image via Elegant Bare Feet.


Don’t forget, you don’t have to pay to have your foot fetish desires met. There are plenty of people who share your needs and would be more than willing to play a role in your wildest fantasies. When it comes to dating with a fetish, the usual (and more ‘Vanilla’) dating sites might not be the way to go. Which is why we’ve come up with the ultimate Fetish Dating Guide.

Featured image via Flickr.


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