Dogging in the UK: A Complete Guide


Heading to the UK and want to know more about the art of dogging?

The British term ‘Dogging’, which means having sex in public whilst having other people watching, has become part of common parlance in other European countries and across North America. Though the ‘craze’ has been sweeping the world with places like Brazil, Australia and Barbados also getting in on the action, the Brits remain the undisputed kings of randy exhibitionism.

In this feature guide, we take a closer look at dogging in the UK from how popular it is up and down the country to popular online communities, dogging porn and locations. We also consider dogging and the law and find out just what kind of offences doggers can be charged for if they are caught in the act.

What is Dogging?

A British slang term used to describe the act of having sex in public whilst other people watch, dogging is a type of exhibitionism. Often taking place in parked cars in remote car parks, dogging also extends to other public areas such as woodlands, rural fields and even beaches.

uk dogging guide

Car parks in wooded areas are popular dogging hotspots. Image via Geograph.

The term is thought to have derived from the fact that late evening dog walkers were more likely to witness people having sex in their cars and stay to watch. It has also been suggested that late night dog walkers used their pets as an excuse to specifically be able to take part in this activity!

Some people also suggest that the term has its roots in the 1970s when men would purposefully seek out couples having sex outdoors and ‘dog’ their moves in order to watch them more closely.

Whilst outdoor sex is pretty common across the world, it is the voyeuristic edge which makes dogging a uniquely British pastime. Sometimes those that are watching are also invited to take part; this can be simply to receive oral and/or manual stimulation or to take part in a full penetrative gang bang.

The practice became popular with swingers during the 1970s and 1980s and is another way to engage in partner-swapping.

Whilst dogging has been a part of British culture for many decades, the term rose to more international prominence in 2003 when the media reported on the practice as a ‘craze’ that was ‘sweeping the nation’.

guide to uk dogging

Late night dog walkers get more than they bargained for at some UK hotspots. Image via Pexels.

How Popular is Dogging in the UK?

If the popular media is to be believed then dogging seems to be the number one pastime in the UK. However, the truth is that dogging is a very niche activity for a few rather than a majority.

As a fetish, it ranks up there with voyeurism and exhibitionism and is practiced by people in the swinging community as well as horny singles. For some couples, it is a way to experience cuckolding without the need to organize this at home or in a hotel whilst for others it ticks the boxes for outdoor sex, group sex and sex with strangers.

There are no hard and fast figures about the numbers involved in this activity but one of the largest UK communities for dogging claims to have over 600,000 members; that’s almost 1% of the population!

According to a study undertaken by the TV Channel, Alibi, as many as 43% of Brits have had sex in a public place although technically this isn’t dogging unless they knowingly wanted people to watch. However, it does suggest that the activity could be far more popular than you’d think.

How many of these people are actively taking part is anyone’s guess but if you’ve ever spent anytime in Blighty during the Winter then we can only imagine that this kind of fun only happens during the summer months.

Where in the UK Are Doggers Most Active?

Dogging is definitely a nationwide activity and you can find popular dogging locations across the country from Cornwall to Aberdeenshire, Kent to Anglesey.


According to the popular British swingers and doggers site, Swinging Heaven, the most popular location in England for public sex is in Yorkshire which has more than 280 listed places. This is followed by Lancashire (233), Kent (227), Essex (202) and Durham (146).


Swinging Heaven also provides listings in Scotland where Lanarkshire takes the title of most popular area for dogging with 51 locations. This was followed by Stirlingshire (40), Midlothian (30) and Aberdeenshire (28).


The same site lists 141 locations in Glamorgan making this the most popular location in Wales for dogging. This was followed by Monmouthshire with 44 and then Anglesey with 21.

dogging uk guide

Dogging is most commonly found in parked cars in secluded rural spots. Image via YouX.

Dogging and the Law

The act of dogging is not explicitly illegal in the UK but that doesn’t mean that you can take part in this activity without any consequence if you are caught. Although British law does not have a specific ban, it can be covered by a multitude of existing laws from gross indecency to public lewdness and indecent exposure.

Anyone caught dogging could be prosecuted under these laws which are covered by the Sexual Offences Act 2003. At worst, participants could also find themselves on the sex offenders register.

These laws are in place to protect the public from being witness to sexual behaviour or from being intimidated in their ability to use public facilities or spaces.

Dogging ‘Etiquette’

Doggers have a code of etiquette that is mostly respected by both the doggers themselves and any voyeurs who turn up to enjoy the show.

Voyeurs are usually not invited to join in the action and must instead respect the boundaries of the couple who are having sex. Sometimes, however, doggers will invite other people to join in and can either do so verbally or by beckoning people.

If the action is taking place in a car then couples will often use the interior lights to signal that they want people to move closer and sometimes join in. They do this by flashing them on and off repeatedly until voyeurs approach the car.

All dogging participants (either voyeurs or doggers) are strongly advised to go prepared for safe sex and to use protection when engaging in intercourse with strangers.

It is also recommended that you do your research before hitting a popular dogging location as some areas are more well known for watching whilst others are more communal in their approach to making sure everyone has a good time. Likewise, there are some spots that are better known for couples than for single men. You can find that some doggers are into wife-swapping and swinging and both he and she will want a new play partner.

dogging uk public sex

Don’t approach a parked car unless you get the ‘come on’. Image via XHamster.

If you are pre-arranging to meet someone with the intention of dogging then, for reasons of safety, you should ensure that you have left details with a trusted third party of who you are meeting and where. It is worth having a good idea of the spot you are hitting up so you know how to make a swift exit if you are getting the wrong vibes.

Staying safe is the key.

UK Dogging Community

The dogging community in the UK has an active presence online, sharing details of popular dogging locations, pictures, videos and stories.


Ranked in the top 2,000 websites in the UK, is a very popular resource for the British when it comes to satisfying their appetite for public sex. The site receives over 600,000 hits each month and claims to have a total of 610,883 registered members.

An adult community site, you can register a free account in under a minute to be able to access profiles, the group forum, chat and photos.

Dogging After Dark

Another doggers and swingers community site, Dogging After Dark provides details of over 10,000 popular dogging locations in the UK with detailed directions and maps. There is also a good range of chat rooms and forums to be able to network with other aficionados.

Access to this service is premium with subscription charges being as follows:

  • Annual membership: £52 (approx. $66) (one-off payment)
  • Monthly membership: £16 per month (approx. $20) (recurring charge)
  • Bi-annual membership: £40 (approx. $50) for six months (non-recurring)

UK Exhibitionist

This site provides another alternative to look for popular dogging locations as well as providing:

  • Community Blogs
  • Chatroom
  • Amateur Albums
  • Members Stories

It’s a free to use service but caution should be taken with the content and the advice from the site’s owners is:

“If someone sounds too good to be true, then they probably ARE too good to be true!”

The Adult Hub

The Adult Hub is a popular international website with a great selection of personals for swingers and doggers. The website also lists locations that are submitted by the public and has new places being offered up all the time. The fact that the site is dynamically updated by real users means that you can find the best locations whilst they are active. There are some websites we hit that had some very dated listings that were almost certainly inactive.

All listed locations have directions and specific times that they are frequently being used as well as some hints, tips and rules about staying safe.

Swinging Heaven

Another swingers site, but a specifically British one, Swinging Heaven also lists popular locations where dogging is popular in the UK. Locations are listed out by country and you can find:

  • 2780 sites in England
  • 357 sites in Scotland
  • 284 sites in Wales

Public Slut

Run by the Black Bull, “Master Brixtonian”, the Public Slut website is a free resource of pictures and videos for dogging in the UK.

He also curates a list of locations but most of these tend to be in his home area of Greater London/M25 area where he takes his submissive TS sex slaves. You can access the list of locations by contacting Master Brixtonian and requesting details.

public slut uk dogging

The Public Slut website is free to use. Image via website.

Adult Friend Finder

One of the largest international adult hook up sites, Adult Friend Finder is a great resource for doggers as well as swingers, fet-fans and basically anyone who is looking for a casual encounter or a regular fuckbuddy.

It’s a premium service site although you can register an account for free just to browse who is available in your area. In the UK, the site is used by doggers to make contact with other people into public-sex and there are quite a lot of group chats on the subject.

Subscription fees to the site depend on where you are registering from but are roughly $30 per month, $60 per quarter or $180 per year.

Dogging ‘Dating’ Sites

There are a couple of premium sites which purport to be able to hook doggers up with one another in a similar way to Adult Friend Finder but, more specifically, for UK doggers. We haven’t been able to review the success of any of these sites and reviews vary about whether they work or not. If you have any experience of these sites then please let us know.

They are all subscription-based services with monthly costs between £20 and £30 for access:

Popular Dogging Porn

Not all of us have the freedom to get out and about to join in the dogging action but fortunately there are plenty of porn sites where you can play the role of voyeur from the comfort of your own home.

Filthy British Porn

A free porn site that curates content from premium pages and tube services, Filthy British Porn has quite a lot of clips and videos on dogging as well as from other popular categories. Some of the content is only available with subscription but it does provide a useful starting point for some lesser known premium content providers.


The British Premium Hardcore Network site, Killergram, has a lot of dogging content in their ‘On a Dogging Mission’ pages. In fact, you can find more than 580 scenes, most of which are filmed in HD and are exclusively available on their site. This isn’t amateur footage and you can expect to see some high-quality filming with some big-name British stars as well as some new porn performers.

The site also has a lot of other premium content with over 3500 episodes of hardcore porn.

Membership costs from £26.95 per month (approx. $34) or £54.95 (approx. $70) for 3-months access.

TAC Amateurs

The world’s largest network of amateur porn creators, TAC Amateurs has a lot of British users, some of whom upload their dogging exploits to the site. At the time of our review there were at least 600 videos tagged as having dogging content.

Though some of this will not be UK based, plenty of what we viewed was.

The site links users to members own premium web pages but if you register a membership with  the network then you can view all of the content for free.

What’s nice about this site is that the content features amateurs but the quality is very high. You can also get really invested in the performers that you enjoy watching as they produce regular content.

Subscription costs start from $29.95 (approx. £23) for one month or you can get greater discounts by signing up for longer.

You can also pay a little extra to get access to the TAC Amateurs2 website which includes an additional 250 amateur porn providers. This site tends to have more swingers and Europeans.

uk dogging porn

TAC is a network of premium amateur porn with lots of dogging Brits. Image via TAC Amateurs.

Free Tube Content

All of the major porn tube hosting sites offer a good selection of amateur dogging porn, most of which is available to view for free. Some of the better-quality content is only available through their premium memberships.

Popular sites include:

Dogging in Popular Culture

Since dogging came to the public’s attention, the term has become a commonly used way for comedians to get a quick laugh and there are plenty of references to dogging as a pastime in stand-up routines, sitcoms and panel shows in the UK. British comedian, Jimmy Carr, seems to use the gag a lot.

In 2004, ex-England football star, Stan Collymore, was accused of taking part in a dogging event near Cannock Chase in Staffordshire which was well-covered by the tabloids in the UK.

Star of the popular British soap opera, Eastenders, actor Steve McFadden, was also reported to be a die-hard dogging fan when it was alleged he was caught with his trousers down at a popular dogging hotspot.

We’ll leave you this clip of the ‘Dogging’ song by the British comic singing group, Fascinating Aida:

Featured image via Wikipedia.


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