The Best Virtual Stripper Games: A Complete Guide


Looking for a virtual stripper game?

If you can’t get yourself motivated to leave the house and get yourself down to a strip club then you might be tempted by a virtual stripper game instead. Yes, of course the first port of call might be a live cam show where you can watch (and direct) your own strip show with a real-life performer.

However, the cost of these shows can get prohibitive if you aren’t in control of your spending habits plus there are sometimes limits to what these real-life girls will do and how long they will do it for. The benefit of a virtual strip experience is that there is no time-limits and you get to have a bit of fun on the side with your own personal strippers.

In this feature, we take a look at the most popular premium virtual stripper games as well as those  that are available to play for free.


istripper best virtual stripper games

Image via iStripper.

One of the best known stripping apps available for your desktop, iStripper delivers a brand new girl every day to get naked on your computer. The best part is that you don’t have to watch the girls in-program, instead they are launched directly from your task bar so there is no background to their performances; instead, they cavort across your spreadsheets to really spice up that daily grind.

The graphics are pretty amazing and the girls are incredible movers with sexy physiques.

And the cost? iStripper can downloaded for free with unlimited previews of all the shows from all the girls. However, in the free version, the girls don’t get naked. If you want to get to good stuff then you will need to purchase some credits to buy a show. The price of a nude show starts at 20 credits with each credit costing between $0.10 and $0.20 depending on how many you buy in a package. That means a full strip show will cost you $2.00 to $4.00.

The best part of iStripper is the sheer choice of models that you can choose from to strip for you. Each girls come with their own catalog of bonus photos, videos and strip clips so you can enjoy more from your favorite ladies.

Worried about how to hide the nudity quickly in a NSFW environment? Don’t worry, the app comes complete with a quick hide-function and can be password protected to assure you of your privacy!

3D GoGo 2

3d gogo2 best virtual stripper games

Image via 3D GoGo 2.

A Thrixxx game from the same developers that brought you Pussy Saga, Hentai 3D2 and Chathouse 3D, 3D GoGo 2 is a fully customizable and interactive strip simulation game.

Not only do you get to completely tailor your own strip performer from her nipples, breasts and pussy, you also get to choose her outfits which include fetish gear like latex or schoolgirl uniforms

Control all aspects of the performances and compete against other players as you strive to achieve the ultimate strip tease show. Yes, in 3D GoGo2 you are the choreographer and manager so you get to control everything from the stage lighting and special effects to dance sequencing, music and even how the stripper performs. This is handing over the ultimate in control when it comes to a stripper game.

It is sort of like having three games in one; the first is the pleasure of creating your fantasy stripper, the second is achieving dance combinations by hitting the correct sequence of keys on your keyboard (think Dance Dance Revolution) and the third is the enjoyment of watching your girl strip.

You can download the Thrixxx Game Launcher for free and play the game in preview mode; however, you will need to purchase credits to be able to get the best out of the game. Credits purchased for 3D GoGo2 can also be used in any of the other Thrixxx family of games.

3D Stripper

3d stripper best virtual stripper games

Image via 3D Stripper.

An interactive strip show, you get to select a model, choose an outfit and watch as this 3D animated babe strips it off, just for you.

Fully customizable, you can choose a brunette, blonde or red-head and have her dress like a nurse,

3D Stripper is only compatible with PCs; Mac users must launch the game using software like Boot Camp to play.

Overall, the action on this game is primitive when you compare it to 3D sex games like the new Dream Sex World that utilises full 4K HD. However, the game has still got plenty of mileage left in the tank simply for the fact that it lets you play around with your own stripper and custom lapdance fantasies.

The cost to download (and play) 3D Stripper is $19.95 per month or you can pick up an annual membership for $59.95.

Strip Kittens

strip kittens best virtual stripper games

Image via Strip Kittens.

Strip Kittens is a simple strip simulation game which was nominated in 2010 for an XBiz Award.

Although the game is now a little dated, it’s not hard to see why it attracted attention almost a decade ago as it does offer a clean concept with good graphics and some nice looking models. The girls are all 3D animated and will dance in a nightclub environment to either your own or the default dance tracks.

The best part about Strip Kittens is that you only have to pay a one-off fee to download it and there are no monthly subscription charges. You can download the game for $9.95.

5 Dollar Strip

5 dollar strip best virtual stripper games

Image via 5 Dollar Strip.

Brought to you by one of the best collection of free adult games online, Porn Games, this is just one of 87 free games which are tagged with ‘Stripper’. Whilst the majority of these tagged games are actually a mix of anime, hentai and live action dating and sex sims, 5 Dollar Strip is actually a striptease game.

The concept is exceptionally straightforward.

Dollars drop from the top of the screen and descend to the bottom by bouncing off the pins (remember Arkanoid? Yeah, it’s basically like that). Collect five dollars and you can pay for a strip show behind the gameplay area. Win more dollars to heat up the action on screen but, be warned, for every dollar you fail to collect, you lose a coin.

The graphics are pretty good for a free game and the babes are hot and the action can get pretty dirty as you level up….which can make concentrating a little tricky!

For a free game, it will certainly keep you entertained for a while and the site is one to bookmark for some other great free games.

Hi Lo Stripper

hi lo stripper best virtual stripper games

Image via Hi Lo Stripper.

A simple enough High-Low card game, this free stripping site lets you select your choice of stripper(s) and then go head-to-head as you guess how the cards will change.

The main screen rewards you with an action video of your choice of girl stripping; win a level and advance to the next item of clothing to be removed. Get it wrong and you will go back a level.

It’s a basic enough game to play but does get frustrating if the cards aren’t going your way, however, the rewards are excellent when they do.

Strip Contest

strip contest best virtual stripper games

Image via Strip Contest.

If you’ve ever fancied yourself as a good judge of a great strip performance then this free game from Strip Selector will give you a chance to prove it. Simply watch 8 girls perform a striptease, just for you, and then choose which one you want to back in the competition. Rate the rest of the girls and then wait to see how your fellow judges rank the competitors.

If you back a winner, you bank more money which you can use to play poker with. It’s like the site knows exactly what men want….poker and naked girls!

The site has a dozen or more other stripping games which are all equally as straight forward yet rewarding to play….and free.

Our pick of some other titles on this site which are well worth a quick play include:

The site has plenty of other adult games including some lesbian, fetish and sex sims in a wide selection of genres including puzzle, strategy, card and driving games. Most are playable in HTML and are therefore compatible with your mobile device.

Featured image via iStripper.


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