The Best Fantasy Sex Simulator Games


Looking for a sex-sim game to take you to a fantasy world?

Adult game developers have been creating some incredible titles over the last decade that harness advanced rendering technology to deliver ultra-realistic graphics.

However, most of the big adult sex sim games that are available are themed around contemporary settings and, whilst being enormously immersive and playable, don’t have the appeal of a fantasy world. So, are there any good fantasy sex simulator games out there? Fortunately, the answer to this is yes and plenty of variety to choose from.

In this review, we’ve recommended some great fantasy sex sim games where you can play with monsters, princesses, pirates and more. From classic parody titles to contemporary, cutting-edge games this is all-adult fantasy fun.

Pirate Jessica

best fantasy sex simulator games pirate jessica

Image via Pirate Jessica.

Explore the high sea and fuck your way to Jessica in this sex-filled crazy adventure…”

We kick off with a sexy fantasy game with the starring role amply filled by a buxom pirate called Jessica.

Featuring 3D graphics and high-quality animated sex scenes, this RPG is highly playable, immensely rewarding and pretty addictive. And, it’s not only seafaring captains and pirates that you get to play with here as the game features a cast of elfin women, anthropomorphic animals, mermaids, skeletons and even some tentacled beasts.

The game play is simple enough and you can explore this fantasy world in free-play mode, interacting with other characters and controlling the sex sequences by changing:

  • Camera angles
  • Sex position
  • Cum shots
  • Power of thrust

The game was originally released in 2015 but has been updated by the developers to keep it feeling fresh; in fact, the graphics and sound all still hold up really well to more recent game releases.

This dark underworld of marauders, freebooters and buccaneers is rendered in great detail and the characters are hot, hot, hot. We’d even go so far as to say, that Pirate Jessica herself is one of the sexiest animated characters you’ll find in a sex-sim game.

Mobile ready with HD video graphics, the cost of the game is as follows:

  • $19.95 for one month
  • $59.96 for six months
  • $91.97 for twelve months

Overall, a visually stunning game Pirate Jessica will have you reaching for your (swash)buckle in next to no time!

Peasant’s Quest

best fantasy sex simulator games peasants quest

Image via Gamcore.

‘As the second son of a poor farmer, you stand little chance of inheriting the family farm. You therefore decide to pack your meagre belongings and head to seek fame and fortune elsewhere….’

This adult RPG, set in a medieval fantasy world, has been created by an indie developer with the help of crowdfunding source through Patreon. The ultimate aim is to create an open-world game with nonlinear quests in which players can interact with all the other characters and players.

Peasant’s Quests is a very different kind of game to Pirate Jessica and is more retro in design with a 2D map which of this fantasy world which you can navigate using your mouse. When you encounter an object, person or choice of direction a panel will pop up with some choices of what to do next. However, the graphics change when you interact with a person in the game and you get a 3D rendered image of some erotic and sexy characters. Presented in a visual novel, this is an adult choose your own adventure game with a great storyline and some rewarding scenes along the way.

Originally created in 2017, the game has been developed in the spare time of its creator ‘Tinkerer’ and is available to play for free online via sites like Gamcore. You can also register to support the development of this game via Patreon for as little as $1 per month; this will give you access to some exclusive content as well as priority access to game updates as they are released.

Sacred Sword Sweeties

best fantasy sex simulator games sacred sword sweeties

Image via Nutaku.

The Sins have broken out the seal, invading the world with endless corruptions and turmoil. The only one who can fight against the darkness is YOU!

This sci-fi fantasy adventure game from the popular hentai gaming platform Nutaku is another variation of gameplay for adult gamers. Instead of RPG, Sacred Sword Sweeties is a tactical battle card game.

Each character card has different properties, powers and skills so you will need to think carefully about your strategy in this game.

It’s your job to assemble the best selection of characters in your team before commanding each PvP battle. If you win, you will level up, earn rewards in the form of sex scenes and saucy 2D animations.

The game is set in an urban fantasy world with crazy monsters to defeat; partner up with the right Sweeties and take down the enemies of the Herald of Goddess and win the day.

In addition to animated battle scenes, there is over 200,000 words of storyline in the game plus 50 sex scenes. As you might expect from Nutaku, the animation is very much in the hentai style and will certainly appeal to fans of this popular genre of gaming.

Free to play on PC or via Android, the game is under constant development and is now incorporating dating plots.

Princess of Arda

best fantasy sex simulator games princess of arda

Image via Princess of Arda.

You are welcome to the royal court of the Princess of Arda, where sex means different things to different elves. The Princess has deemed sex should be all about fun in her court, and with limitless boundaries. All the knightly gents must follow the lack of rules in her realm….

In a similar style to Pirate Jessica, Princess of Arda is a real-time, interactive 3D sex simulation role playing game. Instead of being set on the high seas, this title comes to you from a medieval world filed with ogres, dragons, elves, demons, vampires, ghosts, trolls and all manner of lusty monsters. Hell, there’s even some futuristic femdoms and the odd alien thrown in!

As far as fantasy role play goes, Princess of Arda has got all the bases covered.

And, as for the sex….this is just as out of this world as the cast of characters. You get to choose your positions and actions whenever you interact with someone; from eating pussy, fingering and blowjobs to reverse cowgirl, missionary, threesomes and doggy style.

You also get to control all of the camera angles with up to four different choices of viewing position as well as POV and close-up control.

Though the game has also been around for a few years, it is updated on a weekly basis so the graphics are still slick and there are always a few tweaks to the game play. This can include new outfits, poses and territories to explore plus enough multiple-choice scenarios to keep you coming back for more.

Whilst there is a story line to follow (of sorts) the fun is really to be had in the various interactions you can have as you encounter other characters.

Delivering hardcore 3D virtual sex, Princess of Arda is a premium game that requires a regular subscription. Current prices are as follows:

  • $19.95 for one month
  • $59.96 for six months
  • $91.97 for twelve months


best fantasy sex simulator games bonecraft

Image via Bonecraft.

“Captain, remember that time we tag teamed a Wookie?”

A unique fantasy sex sim game set in outer space, this sci-fi title takes players to another world on board the USS Longstreet. Landing on a planet inhabited by orcs and elves, the crew of Space Wranglers must combat the dick monsters and warriors to secure the battleground.

A game of combat, there is also plenty of sex to be had along the way and these elven women are yours for the taking as you pillage your way round the devastated scenes left behind.

Bonecraft also incorporates plenty of booze and drinking is very much a part of the game play with the crew needing to be kept intoxicated at all times; let their alcohol levels deplete and you risk a power drop in their armor!

The game is a single-player shoot em-up that offers many hours of entertainment in free-play mode but you can also play in story mode and complete missions to advance through the game’s directives.

More than just a shoot-em up, there are a variety of ways to combat the enemy including hand-to-hand as well as with bazookas, saw swords and fire grenades. That’s in addition to plenty of ways to have sex with the inclusion of fetish sex stores around the game to cater for all kinks. From golden showers to ‘tranny sex’, there is something for everyone.

Bonecraft has a huge community of players and D-Dub has its own forum of games who share cheats, tips and strategies as well as mods, coding and screenshots to help you make the most out of this fun game.

A standalone game, you don’t have to commit to a regular subscription fee to play Bonecraft but instead pay a one-off sum of $29.99 to download the game.

Game of Lust

best fantasy sex simulator games game of lust 2

Image via Game of Lust 2.

Help Sorceress Sara free the land of Lustoria and defeat the evil warlords…by fucking them! Capture Queen Vivian and have your way with her. Bring down the evil witch and shoot your own wild fantasy adventure.

Game of Lust 2 has been developed by the same game designers as popular adult games including Virtual Lust 3D, Dream Sex World, Grand Bang Auto and (from this list) Pirate Jessica and Princess of Arda.

This title has been around a little longer and was originally released in 2013. As a result, the graphics aren’t as cutting edge as they once were. This isn’t a hyper-realistic 3D game and the sex scenes are animated and a little clunky if you are used to some of the more modern release.

However, Game of Lust 2 has a crossover appeal for fantasy sex sim gamers and offers exciting worlds to explore including dark dungeons, forbidden forests and opulent castles.

The cast of characters is just as diverse and you can expect to be able to interact with virgin damsels, demons with monster cocks, mythical creatures, sultry sorceresses and petite princesses.

As ever with a good sex simulation game, you get to control all of the action and there are various camera angles to choose from as well as a selection of sexual positions, poses and orifices plus some additional features including cumshots, facials and creampies.

Of course, you can also customize your own character and for the age of the game, the options to do this are pretty good including hair color, eye color, skin color and piercings.

All in all, this is a pretty good 3D role-playing sex game with a great range of scenarios to play out including some three-ways, lesbian sex and crazy monster orgies.

The game is only compatible with Windows computers with current subscription costs being charged as follows:

  • One month for $19.95
  • Six months for $59.96
  • Twelve months for $91.97

Monster Simulator

best fantasy sex simulator games monster simulator

Image via Adult Game Pass.

Monster Simulator is just one of hundreds of 3D adult games that have been created on the ultimate sex sim game pass.

From the creators of popular adult parody games like Call of Booty, Grand Fuck Auto and Adult Mutant Ninja Turtles, this title brings together the strangest creatures in a fuck-fest of the weirdest kind. From orcs with ginormous dicks and brutal werewolves to giant spiders, horny aliens and petite fairies, this game has it all.

The graphics on the game are superb and though the game play itself lacks the complexity of plot that you might find in some other titles, you won’t be disappointed by the quality of the free-play mode here.

Few other fantasy sex sim games offer this more diversity and nowhere near the same amount of kinks.

Though free to play, you will have to register your credit card details in order to validate your age and doing so will automatically cross-check you into some bonus sales. These include:

  • Two day trial membership to
  • Four day trial membership to
  • Seven day trial membership to

All of which offers you an amazing additional selection of some top quality porn and adult games; however, if you don’t cancel these then your credit card will be used to renew your subscription at a price of $39.95 per month ( and $44.95 per month for each of the premium porn services.

Without these bonus add-ons, you do get a free lifetime account to access Monster Simulator as well as other titles include World of Whorecraft; another great fantasy porn game but this one features more mythical creatures with a focus on an adventure story line. Fans of World of Warcraft will no doubt be drawn in by the warriors, elves and orcs but stay for the kinky hardcore sex.

Naughty Kingdom

best fantasy sex simulator games naughty kingdom

Image via Nutaku.

The Queen’s kingdom is in danger. One of the Queen’s Virgin Guards, Lycia, is sent out to find the only man who can save the Queen and her kingdom. A mighty hero. You!

Another hentai style game from Nutaku, Naughty Kingdom is a casual harem/dating sim game set in a fantasy world. The cast of characters include a vast array of horny girls who need you to save them from terrible monsters; all of which you willingly do in order to help protect this realm and defend the Queen.

The mechanics of the game are played via some simple but addictive puzzles and challenges with rewards being earned as you level up and upgrade your skills. In addition, you are presented with hot pictures of your harem girls and an engagingly animated story-line to guide you on your adventure.

From the creators of Booty Calls this is a decent enough anime game with some nicely illustrated sex scenes. Not quite a sex-sim title but one which is worth adding to your shortlist if only for the sexy harem girls.

Naughty Kingdom is free to play on Nutaku’s gaming platform but you will need to sign up for a free account.

Other Fantasy Sex Games

Of course, there are some other great titles out there too and though some of these aren’t (strictly speaking) sex sim games, they do tick the boxes of XXX adult fantasy:

The popular gaming platform and community of Steam Powered also has some good titles to check out in the fantasy genre, including:

  • Dominatrix Simulator
  • Dark Alley Elf
  • Desire Den
  • Blood and Lust
  • Double Elf Fantasy
  • Angel, Devil, Elf and Me
  • Magebuster: Amorous Augury

Featured image via Game of Lust2.


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